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There's much to see here.  Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me as an artist and available Art & Forensic Art Support & Services. 

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have any questions or comments, let me know!

About Me


Professional Background

Professional Background

Professional Background

As a young adult, I allowed myself to play with my passion - art, but was drawn to careers in helping fields, initially, youth work & counselling. 

Following counselling, 

I endeavored a life goal of mine 

and became a 

Police Officer with the RCMP.  

The perfect career for me was halted by an on-duty injury, resulting in permanent disability, and  a loss of eligibility to continue operational policing... but a window opened!   

As a skilled artist and interviewer, I was offered a place in the training program for RCMP Forensic Artists.  

After many bumps in the road, 

I reached that new goal and became an accredited

Forensic Artist within the RCMP.  

Years later, the RCMP developed a National Accreditation System, 

and I re-accredited earning my 

Subject Matter Expert (SME) designation.  

Unable to do what I love - policing;

 restricted ability to provide forensic art services while remaining within RCMP; 

I retired from the 

RCMP in September 2019 and  

am now able to offer support & services to multiple agencies.



Professional Background

Professional Background

A British Columbia local Metis girl.

Coming from an amazingly supportive family with five children, no surprise that I also have five children - all uniquely different, talented and amazing daughters!

My husband calls me a "hippie"; because of my whimsical nature, out-of-the-box thinking and approach to challenges 

(and life itself).

My desire for order coupled with my comfort in chaos, complimented my career choice of law enforcement and supports big family play / work / life balance.

I believe in societal fundamentals: 

honesty, integrity, community, accountability, responsibility,

empathy and compassion; 

also recognizing, 

there is no such thing as common sense.


My Inspiration

Professional Background

My Inspiration

Artistically, I am a hack... 

raw talent, varied focus 

and drawn to the 

gamut of mixed mediums.

Growing up, in school 

I was fortunate in that

I had supportive teachers that 

recognized my disruptive behaviour in classes as boredom.  

I excelled in academic  and 

was able to blast through 

much  of my class curriculum's.

My teachers appreciated and rewarded 

my responsible nature and I was given the keys to the "Art Wing" at my junior and senior high schools.

This HUGE opportunity gave me the privilege to explore different art mediums, and develop my skills as an artist.

Forever grateful 

Currently my artistic style is 

best described as Illustrative.

However, I am well schooled in Forensic Services:

I have been trained in 

Composite Sketching (graphite) with 

Retired RCMP Sgt. Dave Reid and

 Rick and Carrie Stuart- Parks at the 

Calgary Police Services

and in 

3D Facial Reconstruction (clay)

 with Joe Mullins at the

 New York Academy of Art. 


Why use me for your Forensic Art needs

Forensic Art Support & Services

I am honoured to support Communities to recover the identities of those that have been lost.


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